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Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop need no introduction to skateboarding. Coming out of Dayton, Ohio, far away from the west coast of California has always given Alien a different perspective. They have constantly pushed the creative boundaries and given skateboarding some of the best iconography ever produced. The Alien Workshop team was legendary, strong and powerful. Since their first ever video 'Memory Screen' released in 1990, Alien has been uniquely identifiable through their audio/visual communication.

Photosynthesis, released in 2000 was groundbreaking for its epic Jason Dill closing part. Then Mindfield, dropping in 2009 set Alien as an iconic pillar within skateboarding culture. Jason Dill, Anthony Van Engelen, Dylan Rieder, Grant Taylor, Heath Kirchart, Josh Kalis, Rob Dyrdek, Danny Way, Fred Gall, Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett were just some of the riders that shaped the Alien legacy.

Around 2011, ownership changes rocked the boat too much and led to the demise of the team. Anything this good was never going to last and the entire Alien brand almost died off. After some changes, Alien is still going today albeit with a new younger team. Joey Guevara, Yaje Popson, Frankie Spears and Paul Liliani are today's Alien Workshop team.

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