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Butter Goods

Butter Goods

Butter Goods

Butter Goods are a recent phenomenon having gained huge popularity from their recent collections. Created in 2008 by two friends from Perth, Australia, which, being the most isolated city in the world brings its own inspiration and drive. Butter Goods holds a strong graphic design aesthetic that is evident throughout their products.

Taking further inspiration from various forms of popular culture and of course, the world of skateboarding, places Butter Goods at an interesting cross-section. From inspired prints such as the InterZappa Tones Tee to the all over embroidered Rose Corduroy pants and Burberry style plaid 6-panel caps gives Butter Goods depth beyond your average skate brand. With the quality of their pattern cuts and retro sportswear that is tailored for skateboarding, it keeps Butter grounded to their roots.

To extend the philosophy behind Butter Goods, the creators opened the Lo-Fi store in downtown Perth. Aimed to both serve the city with a great curation of complementary brands and to highlight Butter Goods. It serves as a testament to where a skateboard brand can end up.

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