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Carpet Company

Carpet Company Skateboards

Carpet Company Skateboards

Carpet Company is run by brothers Ayman and Osama Abdeldayem, the company began life in 2016 in the basement of their parent's house in Laurel, Maryland. Every Carpet Company product you see will have been made by the brothers themselves, or by one of their friends. It's a labour of love, they balance jobs with NASA and Pepco during the day, and work on Carpet Company in the evenings and on weekends if they're not out skateboarding.

Whilst they began as a small DIY operation, their products are now seen in stores in Europe, Japan, Australia and across the United States. They recently created a somewhat NSFW collection with Polar Skate Co's Pontus Alv. The time and dedication the two brothers have put into the company really shines through in the product they produce, giving the company a little something different to most other brands available at the moment.

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