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Classic Grip

Classic Grip

Classic Grip

Classic Grip is a griptape company masterminded by Canadian skateboarder, and generally funny guy, Bob LaSelle. You may recall seeing him in Dime related videos such as the amusingly titled 'Pretentious Self Fellatio in the Big Apple'. If the promo videos for Classic Grip is anything to go by, Bob certainly hasn't lost his sense of humour.

As well as griptape, Classic Grip also has a range of clothing which includes t-shirts and hoodies, as well as some more out there items such as a Bob LaSelle pro basketball and laser pens.

We'd recommend you pay a visit to their Instagram page, you'll find footage from the countless 'demos' Bob and his Classic Grip affiliates have performed around the world, one even includes a promising looking amateur named Tony Hawk.

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