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DC Shoes

DC Shoes

DC Shoes

DC Shoes continues to be reborn through re-releasing some classic 90's skate shoes and revamping the brand style to represent a touch more of the 90s heyday of street skateboarding.

DC Shoes hit the market huge in 1994 off the back of Droors Clothing, which was one of the biggest skate clothing brands of the time. DC stood for Droors Clothing with many believing it was more aptly named after founding riders first initial, Danny Way and Colin McKay. In its heyday, the DC team was considered a super team and their 1997 DC Super Tour was of epic proportions. The stacked team consisting of Danny Way, Colin MacKay, Mike Carroll, Josh Kalis, Rudy Johnson, Scott Johnston, Carl Shipman, Moses Itkonen, Keith Hufnagel, Rob Dyrdek, Rick Howard and Caine Gayle. They all wore matching DC basketball jerseys, complete with names and took off on a world tour to show their dominance.

Since going through some quite epic changes over the last twenty years, both good and bad, DC is back to doing it the original way and Brazilian powerhouse Tiago Lemos is leading the charge. His insane power and 90s dress style have inspired a reboot of some of their most iconic models. The DC Lynx, DC Legacy, and DC Syntax. Throw in some swishy DC baggy pants, XL DC hoodie and you are back in the 90s. Also on the team side, Evan Smith, Wes Kramer and new Finnish rider Jaakko Ojanen continue to push the limits.

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