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Pig Wheels

Pig Wheels

Pig Wheels have been around the block, being part of the infamous Tum Yeto camp along with Foundation skateboards and Toy Machine skateboards they've served the test of time. Pig skateboard wheels mostly come in 101a hard urethane. Their Pig Swirl wheels come in orange, pink blue and green. Pig also produce many white and black skateboard wheels in sizes from 50mm to 56mm. Pig wheel shapes come in a conical shape, similar to Spitfire wheels, and they have a performance range with their Pig ProLine shape.

Pig Wheels are made in the USA and the Pig team is vast, ranging from skateboarders like Louie Barletta, Blake Carpenter, Corey Duffel, Leo Romero, Daniel Lutheran, Ed Templeton and many more.

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