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Pizza Skateboards

Pizza Skateboards

Pizza Skateboards

Pizza Skateboards are part of a new-wave of skateboard brands doing it for the love. Hooking up the homies and having as much fun as possible while doing it. The brand is inspired by 90s movies, 90s sportswear, New York City and of course... pizza. Their aesthetic draws from deep within skateboard culture as rip-off logo graphics are no stranger to skateboarding. These rip-offs, or 'homages' for the cease and desist letters, are a strong part of Pizza Skateboards. No brand is off limits for Pizza as their creativity stretches from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Pizza Skateboards clothing also sits in familiar waters. The Pizza Skateboards emoji polo hat is as genius as it is simple. The Pizza Check longsleeve tee pays homage to pizza boxes the world over. The Pizza Last Supper Mob griptape and F**k then Pizza text griptape echo strokes of divine intervention from the gods of skate humour.

Pizza Skateboards are backed by a crew of skaters - Jesse Vieira, Michael Pulizzi, Zach "Ducky" Kovacs, Chase Webb, Adam Taylor and Ryan Connors make up the team.

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