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Polar Skate Co

Polar Skate Co

Polar Skate Co. was founded in Sweden by Pontus Alv in 2011. It’s now one of the leading skateboard brands, with a team consisting of Hjalte Halberg, Dane Brady, Aaron Herrington, Nick Boserio, Oskar Rozenberg Halberg, Shin Sanbongi, Andrew Wilson and Paul Grund.

Polar Skate Co. was in the mind of Pontus Alv long before it was an actual brand. Pontus, having self-produced a number of skateboard films, most notably 'The Strongest of the Strange' and 'In Search of the Miraculous' developed a style both creatively in how skate films should be meticulously pieced together, but also in the skateboarding message transferred to the viewer. Polar Skate Co became a reality in 2011 when Pontus Alv put together a team initially comprising of young local’s - Oskar Rozenberg Halberg and David Stenstrom - who joined Copenhagen’s Hjalte Halberg, Warsaw’s Michal Juras and from New York City, Aaron Herrington. The team was galvanised together after a couple of promo videos, 'The Polar Skate Co Promo' and 'No Complies & Wallrides+shuvits'. By the time of the first official video titled, 'I Like It Here Inside My Mind, Don't Wake Me This Time', the team included Dane Brady, Jerome Campbell and from Paris, Kevin Rodrigues.

Polar Skate Co. is heavily inspired by 90’s skateboarding and this lives within the fabric of the brand, their apparel line is a homage to this era with clothing such as the Polar Surf Pants, Polar 90s Jeans and Polar Big Boy Jeans. These celebratory products compliment the wider Polar Skate Co hoodies, surf pants, Polar stroke logo t-shirts and Polar Fill logo longsleeve t-Shirts.

Polar Skate Co. released a latest film, 'We Blew It At Some Point' where they added Nick Boserio, Paul Grund, Andrew Wilson and Shin Sanbongi to the team.

Polar Skate Co

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