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Polar Clothing

Polar Skate Co produces some of the most popular clothing in skateboarding, Polar clothing design harks back to the 90s golden age with baggy pants and oversized fits well represented throughout their collections. They showcase artwork from Pontus Alv, Jacob Ovgren and others across their range, coupled with strong colours, stripes and a variety of fabrics - Polar are one of the top selling skate brands for good reason.

Highlights from their range include the Polar Skate Default hoodie - it’s a simple, functional piece which is available in a variety of colours to suit any season, style and personality. Its cotton and polyester blend means that it's perfect for layering up in colder weather, whilst remaining comfortable and practical during warmer times too. With their jeans and pants, Polar Skate clothing has become an instant classic, Polar Surf Pants, 93 Denim and Big Boy Jeanshave been adopted across the skateboarding spectrum, from your favourite pros to kids at the local skatepark. This is thanks to their stylish baggy fit and in the case of the Surf Pants their lightweight, flowing cotton material which makes them some of the most comfortable pants for skateboarding.

It's the artwork that more often than not sets Polar apart, Polar T-Shirts feature the drawings and doodles of team riders Dane Brady and Emile Laurent, as well as those of the Polar Art Department, namely Jacob Ovgren and Pontus himself. These graphic t-shirts are complemented by the Polar Striped T-Shirts, as well as simpler designs featuring the Stroke and Default logos. Their skateboard decks, too, feature the artwork of those talented individuals mentioned above. Polar’s range of skateboards includes a wide variety of sizes, shapes and wheelbases. This includes your standard size popsicles such as the Polar 8.5 decks, to the more unique shapes of the Dane 1 Special Shape, the P8 and the P2 shape - which all offer something different. The Polar accessories range includes popular products such as the Polar Dealer Bags, which come in two sizes and a multitude of colours. Their caps utilise a variety of materials from corduroy and denim to wool - displaying instantly recognisable Polar branding. The Happy Sad socks are a classic, featuring woven ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ graphics on the toes as well as woven stripes on the calves. The Polar Skate Company team is made up of some of the world’s most exciting skateboarders - including the likes of Hjalte Halberg, Paul Grund, Nick Boserio, Oskar Rozenberg, Aaron Herrington and Shin Sanbongi. Polar were one of the companies that drove skateboarding's current trajectory towards smaller, independent skate brands dominating the industry and the walls of skate shops. This is all a testament to the vision and passion of Pontus Alv and the individuals he chooses to works with. Whether it be in their clothing, skateboard graphics or in video, the vision and direction are always compelling and apparent.

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