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Polar 8.5 Deck

Polar 8.5 decks come in a variety of different graphic styles from the many talented and unique artists that Polar Skate Co. work with on each of their collections.

You can find graphics from the mind of Polar boss man, Pontus Alv, featuring, for example, his now instantly recognisable Matisse 'No Comply' drawing, to the very personal graphics he releases making use of old family photographs and references to videos he has made in the past - including 'The Strongest of the Strange' and 'In Search of the Miraculous'.

Jacob Ovgren is another regular contributor to the Polar 8.5 deck graphics. Jacob's style is much more cheeky. His dark humour and often subversive subject matter are intended to challenge the viewer, regularly encouraging them to think about what is taboo and why that might be.

Polar team riders, such as Dane Brady, Emile Laurent and Hjalte Halberg, are also involved in creating graphics for the many Polar 8.5 decks you see on skate shop walls. Each of these guys has their own style, and it's this personal touch that makes the Polar's skateboard graphics that little bit more special.

Polar skateboards decks are available amongst a variety of other sizes and shapes of decks, including your standard popsicle shapes, to the more unique shapes that Polar offer - including the Dane Special Shape, P2 and P8 shapes.

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