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Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta was formed in 1978 by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in Santa Barbara, California. They pioneered and brought a new wave of skateboard marketing to the world with an iconic team, the Bones Brigade. The Bones Brigade were showcased in groundbreaking skateboard videos, the first of which The Bones Brigade Video Show was released in 1984. The following year the legendary Future Primitive was released, which was one of the first videos to ever document street skateboarding in New York City. Then came The Search for Animal Chin in 1987, one of the first ever skateboard videos to feature a story, complete with members of the Bones Brigade taking lead acting roles.

By this point, Powell Peralta was one of the biggest skateboard companyies on earth and fundamental in spreading the culture of skateboarding around the world.

In 1988 Powell Peralta released their biggest video yet - Public Domain. It featured heavy street skating by the original Bones Brigade original members but also a whole new crew of kids, such as Ray Barbee and Chet Thomas. Ban This, released in 1989, took things to even higher levels and showcased the latest in street skateboarding, which was by far the most popular practised form of skateboarding. It overtook vert skating and it put it in the shadow within only a few years.

With a slightly political name for the time period, Propaganda dropped in 1990. It again consolidated Powell Peralta's position as the biggest skate brand in the world. Their relentless production cycle of videos created serious skate talent. Aside from the original Bones Brigade members - Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, Steve Caballero and Rodney Mullen - Powell Peralta gave birth to the careers of Ray Barbee, Frankie Hill, Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson, Gabriel Rodriguez, Danny Way and Colin McKay.

Powell Peralta is perhaps best known for their re-issue vontage decks from their 80s period of success. These decks feature iconic timeless graphics by the seminal artist Vernon Courtland Johnson, or VCJ, which was etched into all his graphics. Powell Peralta also produces Bones Bearings and Bones Wheels. These are both industry leading and serve the time Powell Peralta has been manufacturing skateboard products.

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