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Prime Wood LA

Prime Wood LA

Prime Wood LA

Prime Heritage woodshop started out producing handcrafted furniture back in the 1960s, which necessitated the need to bend and form plywood. These wood presses eventually got used to bend a kicktail into a skateboard for the infamous Venice crew - the Z Boys.

By the 1990s the legendary duo of Steve Rocco and Rodney Mullen were creating a new-wave of modern skate brands that would go on the change skateboarding. They spent many months perfecting the manufacturing process and pioneered the modern skateboard shape all at Prime woodshop. Blind Skateboards, 101, Plan B and World Industries quickly drove huge demand and during this peak production, they were manufacturing almost 2.5 million decks a year.

Today Prime Heritage draws from this inspirational era and now recreates many of the iconic graphics and shapes from this golden era. Furthermore, all the new employee's at Prime are skateboarders and they continue in the traditional method of proudly producing quality handcrafted decks. These limited edition old skool decks now enable us to buy a piece of history and personal nostalgia.

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