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Salon Skateboards

Salon Skateboards

Salon Skateboards

Salon Skateboards is a company founded and run by Stefani Nurding. Salon creates a range of products from stickers, to skateboards, t-shirts, socks and scrunchies. They have already collaborated with Hello Kitty on a range of griptape.

Stefani Nurding has been a fixture of the U.K skateboarding scene for a while now, and has previously been flowed boards by Polar Skate Co, and also represented Vans for a number of years, recently parting ways with the company to focus on her own projects.

She's featured in many competitions, both in the U.K and further afield, such as the Vans Park Series stop in Malmo in 2017. She has contributed to various publications, including Place Skateboard Culture, covering gender issues within the skateboarding industry, as well as other topics.

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