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Santa Monica Airlines

Santa Monica Airlines

Santa Monica Airlines is a historic company within skateboarding. Formed in Venice, California in 1978 by the legendary Skip Engblom, who was a surfboard shaper and rolled with the Z-Boys since he worked in Jeff Ho's Zephyr surf shop. Originally he shaped Santa Monica Airlines skateboards by hand in the store.

Much later around 1988, Skip worked with the infamous Steve Rocco and started SMA, which later became the game-changing World Industries. Santa Monica Airlines remained and along with Julien Stranger, Jim Thiebaud and Natas Kaupas it was absorbed into NHS group of brands, which also includes Santa Cruz Skateboards. This era produced the infamous run of Natas Kaupas cat series of decks.

Skip Engblom is now back to piloting Santa Monica Airlines and is reissuing some of the classic skateboards again.

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