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WKND Skateboards gained a lot of early traction by giving street legend Eric Koston a professional board. Eric had just left Girl Skateboards and was in the early stages of planning Numbers Skateboards. So it suited them both to give him a guest slot on the pro team.

WKND also picked up Alexis Sablone, who is still ripping ever since PJ Ladd’s, Wonderful Horrible Life video. OG Popwar and Habitat Skateboards rider Raymond Molinar also jumped in. He joined a crew of young amateur riders, which, over the past few years are no longer unknown. Johan Stuckey had a great turning pro-party, where they roasted him in a mock TV show. Christian Maalouf is more than making a name for himself and also turned professional in 2018. Jordan Taylor, Trevor Thompson, Salomon Cardenas, Taylor Caruso, Alex Schmidt and Andrew Considine make up the rest of the WKND Skateboards team.

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