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BONES Skateboards

BONES Skateboards

Bones Wheels are considered the best urethane on the market. Meticulous testing over many years of production at their own plant in Santa Barbara, California has given them a unique advantage. The result is great quality, performance, and durability.

Bones wheels have been around since 1977 and were one of the early pioneers of urethane technology. Bones is the wheel department of Powell Peralta, who have produced wheels at their own manufacturing plant for over forty years. This vast experience has enabled them to fine-tune their urethane formula to create, what many believe to be, the best wheel in skateboarding, period! This close manufacturing process of using unique raw materials and a better-refined production method is what differs Bones from the rest of the industry. They use specific urethanes for the different applications of skateboarding. This has created the Street Tech Formula, the Skate Park Formula, and the All-Terrain Formula. All these urethane formulae are available in many different shapes and sizes to suit your skating preferences.

Bones Wheels also produce the famous Bones Red Bearings and Bones Swiss Bearings, applying a similar premium manufacturing experience to create the best skateboard bearing possible.

Read more about Bones Wheels and bearings in our Buyers guide.

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