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Chocolate Skateboards are one of the most established companies in the game through a timeless art direction that represents its long-running creativity. Chocolate have commissioned countless artist series that has produced many classic boards that have been hung on walls as much as they've been skated.

Chocolate stands for class within skateboarding. Starting out as an early offshoot of Girl Skateboards, Chocolate was created to house an expanding team of Los Angeles skaters with a diverse background. The Chocolate team became a melting pot and this quickly shone through in the variants of its brand communication. Not only did they create one of the best logos in skateboarding (standing the test of time), but they created instantly collectable decks through the close work with artist Evan Hecox.

Chocolate videos were shot by iconic filmmaker Spike Jonze and have become the stuff of legend. The Chocolate Tour and Las Nueve Vidas de Paco brought a storyline to skate videos, complete with acting by the team riders, which has barely worked out since Powell Peralta's Animal Chin back in 1987. Style was always at the forefront of everything and through a changing team, they are still represented by some of the most stylish in Raven Tershy, Kenny Anderson, Vincent Alvarez, Chico Brenes and Jesus Fernandez. Yonnie Cruz and Stevie Perez bring in the new but still hold down the Chocolate vibe.

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