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A Closer Look At June Store

A Closer Look At June Store
Posted by Neil Chester2 min read
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Officially announcing June Store to the Parade community. Based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, June Store is pretty unique in the fact that it’s a rad skate shop combined with a cool coffee and doughnut emporium all in one spot. Ran by Dave Watson, who himself is a handy skateboarder previously riding for Vans and Santa Cruz, has been heavily present in the Essex skate scene over the years and has built up a great skate shop that caters to the needs of local skateboarders and anyone in need of a great coffee and doughnut.

After growing up in the Essex area Dave eventually settled in Leigh-on-Sea, which in itself is a historic skate location within the UK. In the early 90s, it boasted an amazing mini-ramp complex unlike anything the UK had seen before. With a stack of coverage in RAD Magazine it was a sought after skate destination that many skateboarders from around the country flocked to. It even held a Powell Peralta demo back in ‘91 with Tony Hawk. The skatepark also went on to breed a new-era of talented UK skateboarders, which the Essex area has consistently produced in the many years since.

As any skate store owner will tell you, running a small independent store of any nature is a huge challenge. The modern commercial demands and complexities of selling online increasingly push this challenge and this is part of the reason that Dave supplements the skate side of things with coffee and doughnuts. It ensures June Store can continue to stock the best product and brands that they both love and respect, rather than what might bring in the most revenue.

June Store’s tight curation of products alongside an awesome skateboard service, all housed within a great corner location of Leigh-on-Sea marks June Store out as not your average skate shop. The large window panes flood the store with light adding an air of calm and it’s the perfect place to hang out, sip a coffee and check the rad display of skateboard products on offer.

June Store

125 Broadway West, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 2BU.

The store is open Sunday - Monday: 12pm - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm.

June Store 1
June Store 2
June Store 3
June Store 4
June Store 5
June Store 6
June Store 7
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