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Baker Skateboards Jerry Hsu Photo Series

Baker Skateboards Jerry Hsu Photo Series
Posted by Matt Broadley2 min read
Monday, February 24, 2020

Baker Skateboards present the Jerry Hsu Photo Series skateboard decks. The collaboration with Baker sees four of Hsu's photographs re-appropriated as skateboard graphics. The series includes pro models for Kevin 'Spanky' Long, Rowan Zorilla, Kader Sylla and Andrew Reynolds.


The boards are no longer available on Parade's US website, however, we've taken a re-stock on the UK store. Shop the boards on the UK store and get DHL Express shipping for approx $17. Shipping is just 3-4 days. Shop here: Baker x Hsu boards.

The photography selected to feature in this series of Baker Skateboards decks is fairly typical of Hsu's photographic style. They are all snapshots, fleeting moments caught by Hsu, images which pose more questions than they answer. Reminiscent, perhaps, of the glimpses of life you bear witness to as you skate through the streets on your way to the spot. This is one of those board series where it's going to be tough to decide whether to skate the boards or hang them on the wall.

Hsu's photography is perhaps most widely known through his now retired Tumblr blog, NAZI GOLD. In 2019, Hsu took the phone photography from this blog and created a photo book called The Beautiful Flower Is The World - allowing these captured moments a new dialogue with each other and the viewer. Other books to be released featuring Hsu's work include Now I Remember - which also featured the likes of Todd Jordan and Kevin Long - and Simple Future Past Perfect, which was created with Nate Walton.

Explore more of Jerry Hsu's creativity via his clothing brand, Sci-Fi Fantasy.

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