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Catching Up With Kyron Davis

An insight into the world of Kyron Davis..

Catching Up With Kyron DavisPhoto: Joel Peck.
Posted by Matt Broadley5 min read
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

This interview with Kyron first appeared in Parade Issue 1, our first zine, which will be available at Parade community skate shops later this week. The zine also features Nick Jensen, Jacob Ovgren, Heitor Da Silva and Skin Phillips. Check it out.

Kyron Davis interview photos from Parade Issue 1

Kyron has come a long way since emerging onto the scene with Cliche towards the tail end of their demise. He soon found himself in-demand as Eric Koston and Guy Mariano handpicked him for Numbers. Along with Nike SB and Atlantic Drift, skateboarding keeps Kyron busy in many corners of the world. We recently caught up with him between skate trips in his hometown of London.

You’ve been away a lot recently, what have you been up to?

I recently got back from Greece, which was banging, I went with the Atlantic Drift crew to finish off the next edit and also try and get some bits for this Nike SB part that I’m working on. I was in Australia in December, in Warsaw too, and I’m going to be going to France in a few days.

What’s Athens like for skating?

It’s one of my favourite places in Europe to skate. Because of the current economic situation in Greece, it kind of feels a bit lawless, you feel a bit more relaxed in the streets, skating doesn’t really seem like an issue to anyone so it’s calm. Even though it’s mayhem a lot of the time, there’s always something happening. It seems a bit more real I guess.

Did you get up to any mischief?

Maybe, I dunno I don’t want to say anything (laughs). Mike (Arnold) and I went up a mountain on the last day of the trip, we spent hours up there just drinking wine, chilling, that was pretty nice. That was it though, no mischief…

How do you approach an Atlantic Drift trip, compared to Nike trips with the big names?

It’s obviously amazing going on these trips with Nike, I do quite enjoy getting thrown into a situation where I’m with people I’ve not met before, it makes it exciting. You have an idea of what people are like, but you don’t really know until you get to spend time with them. With Atlantic Drift it’s good because we’re so comfortable with each other, we all know what we’re like, so it can make it more efficient for sure.

Elissa Steamer and Stefan Janoski were with you in Australia, what was it like being on a trip with those two?

They’re both really cool man, it’s weird because with Elissa Steamer I remember her from playing the Tony Hawk video game as a kid. It was pretty surreal at first being around them, but of course, you get used to it. Janoski is the funniest and nicest dude, so I instantly felt pretty relaxed around him.

Kyron Davis Ride on 50-50. Los Angeles. Photo Joel Peck Kyron Davis Ride on 50-50. Los Angeles. Photo Joel Peck

You ride for Numbers, how’s skating with Guy Mariano and Eric Koston?

I’ve not skated with Guy that much, I think I’ve met him only twice so far. With Eric, it’s cool because I’d met him three times before we even skated together, so when we got to skating it just felt like skating with one of your mates. We’ve done Nike things in the past so we’d been around each other before I was riding for Numbers. He’s just one of the lads, I like his view on skating, he’s a fun guy to be around for sure.

Have you skated with Antonio Durao? Is he as sick as you see on Instagram?

That’s his normal behaviour yeah, he doesn’t care about filming tricks or anything he just does it. He’s not like ‘oh get the camera out’, everything you see him do just comes naturally. He’s probably one of my favourite skaters, one of the best skaters in the world in my opinion. His body moves in ways that I haven’t seen before, the way he flips his tricks. Plus he’s cool as fuck too, he’s funny to be around and savage on a night out (laughs).

Any guys on the team you’ve not had the chance to spend much time with?

I’ve actually never met Rodrigo TX. I’ve met Magnus a few times but only really hung out with him at the CPH Pro, which is hectic. I think we’re going to be doing a European tour this year. I’ve not met Miles either, I’ve chatted with him a bit on messenger but that’s it. I think we’ve been taking it quite slow with Numbers, not trying to over saturate it too early. This year we’re going to start picking it up and doing some trips.

Who in London are you enjoying skating with at the moment?

The twins, first of all, Zach and Adam De La Rue, I think they’re both dope. Nelly’s a beast, Twigy is a savage - he just got on Maxallure which is banging. Taylor Lewis is great, Matlock and Jamie, obviously Kyle Wilson. There’s a lot, they’re just the ones from the top of my head.

What else do you have on this year?

I’m going to Paris with Nike for a Janoski related thing. I think I might also be going to Portugal, I need to make sure about that though as I don’t want to sound like I’m chatting shit (laughs). I’m going to try and make it back out to L.A. also to chill with the Numbers guys as I haven’t really had a chance to do that so far. Obviously, spend some time in London too.

All Photos: Joel Peck.

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