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Curation: Skateboard Reissue Classics

We take a look at some of the incredible reissue skateboards on the market right now

Curation: Skateboard Reissue ClassicsNatas Kaupas - so iconic it's no wonder he's received so many reissue decks.
Posted by Neil Chester2 min read
Saturday, February 16, 2019

The reissue skateboard market has never been as popular as it is today. You can literally buy an old-school skateboard from almost any era of skateboarding's past. The late 80s are still the dominant years for reissues, this was when the skateboard companies really started to evolve with teams of professional skateboarders. Skateboarding came of age in this era and it is brands like Powell Peralta, Santa Monica Airlines and Santa Cruz Skateboards that became popular around the world.

As skateboarding gets ever older and further away from its 70s Zepher (Z-Boys) roots we are ever more looking back and celebrating the various past eras of skateboarding. Reissue skateboards are symbols of these classic bygone years. The reissue skateboard market now includes not only 80s skateboards but also a huge amount of 90s reissue skateboards. Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz were becoming less popular and it was the time for the new brands like World Industries, 101 and Blind, which all set a new precedent within skateboarding. These years were just as popular as the 80s and skateboarders the world over are now wanting reissue skateboards from the 90s. Prime Wood LA and Jk Industries are some of the newer brands that are producing these older 90s reissue skateboards.

One name that has had the most of his old skateboards reissued was Natas Kaupas. Through Santa Cruz, Santa Monica Airlines and 101 you can find many of his former pro models now reissued. Acknowledging his influence on skateboarding the guys at Quartersnacks recently claimed he'd been overlooked when compared Mark Gonzales in terms of modern street skating recognition. But you don't see that many Gonz reissue skateboards, although that might be because he never rode for Santa Cruz!

So, switch up your outfit, get that 80s or 90s reissue skateboard and you're all set to go skating in any era you wish. And today, similar to what QS mentioned, you could probably get away with half the tricks done back then too ;)


Santa Monica Airlines 9.89" Natas Kitten reissue skateboard. Available from Focus and Slam City Skates.


The Santa Cruz 9.9" Jason Jessee Sun God skateboard. Sold by Slugger and Slam City Skates


Real Skateboards 8.25" James Kelch Flyer reissue skateboard. Sold by Focus


Blind Fucked Up Blind Kids 9" Guy Mariano skateboard. Sold by Palomino.


Santa Cruz 10.5" Natas Panther reissue skateboard. Sold by Pretend Supply Co.


Santa Cruz 9.98" Hosoi Rocket Air skateboard. Sold by Slugger.


Powell Peralta 10.47" Caballero Dragon reissue skateboard. Sold by Slam City Skates


101 8.28" Eric Koston Hockey skateboard. Sold by Pretend Supply Co.


Santa Cruz 10" Street Creep reissue skateboard. Sold by Slam City Skates.


101 9.8" Natas Kaupas Challenger skateboard. Sold by Palomino.


Santa Cruz 10" Hosoi Collage reissue skateboard. Sold by Slam City Skates.


Blind 8.75" Guy Mariano Accidental Gun Death Slick skateboard. Sold by Palomino.

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