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Exclusive: Chewy Liberty Cup Interview

Exclusive: Chewy Liberty Cup Interview
Posted by Neil Chester3 min read
Friday, October 11, 2019

Congratulations on the new shoe, it’s a nice colourway too, black/gum is a classic. You must be stoked? What do you like about the new Liberty Cup shoe?

Yeah, I’m gassed on the shoe and the colourway. It was designed by one of my favourite skaters too, Scott Johnston. Can’t go wrong with black and gum. Definitely into the variety that Adidas brings to the table in pushing forward new skate trainers. 

Since you’ve had a few colourways now, do you still trip out to see your name on the side of an adidas shoe?

Still got man pranging out when I see my name on the side of an adidas trainer, never really gets old. Maybe one day I can make a white shoe (laughs)… I feel blessed to be one of a chosen few. 

Chewy Cannon, backside nosegrind, London, in his new adidas skateboarding liberty cup skate shoe. Chewy represents Palace skateboards, adidas and JLB.

You’ve ridden for adidas for a good amount of years now and experienced a lot of shoes, do you have a particular shoe that stands out as a favourite?

Would say that my favourite sneaks would have to be the O.G Busenitz for skating in. I pretty much only skate in that shoe. You’ll catch me chilling in all sorts of others though. 

You’ve said in the past you have Southbank to thank for your career, how was it seeing the little banks opened up again after years of work?

Yeah, I definitely owe a lot to Southbank. When I moved to London many moons ago I met all my teammates and now bosses there. It was like my uni in a way, or school at least (laughs)! I skated there every day, so glad the old banks are back now and that there is a lot more space undercover for the wet winters. 

You have an event planned at Southbank for the launch of your Liberty Cup right? 

Well happy I was allowed to put a block in there under my name, I feel privileged. It will be ready for everyone to slay on the 12th of October. 

You chill around Stockwell and at Brixton’s Baddest a lot now, can you give people an idea of what that shop’s like?

I’ve always spent a lot of time south of the Thames, and Brixton’s Baddest is one of the realest skate shops doing it! Pure Baddest by name Baddest by nature! Get me! 

The adidas skateboarding Chewy Liberty cup skateboard shoe. Chewy represents Palace skateboards, adidas and JLB.

What are your plans with Jet Lag Brothers? Seems like you’ve good a good crew assembled.

Jet Lag Brothers is going good, just working on trips and events to do with my homies! Trying to promote good times and adventures to the world through weed and skating! Keep your eyes peeled for more product and trips in the future. 

How are the new guys (Heitor, Kyle) getting along with Palace? You must be stoked on Charlie Birch, he skates as fast as you!

The new riders on Palace are literally the fucking bollocks if you’re into legit style on a skateboard and off it. Just wait and see if you don't know already know. Trust.

Heitor Da Silva in NYC for the release of the adidas Skateboarding Liberty Cup

When can we expect that Detroit project? You’re heading back there to film I heard?

I have been injured for time now but I have tried my best to get some clips for Detroit. Operation next month then I’m on it again,  I can’t fucking wait.

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