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Günes Özdogan Pro Part & New Magenta Hardware

Posted by Matt Broadley4 min read
Monday, June 08, 2020

Günes Özdogan is now pro for Magenta Skateboards. To celebrate this Magenta teamed up with Free Skate Mag to release 'Benim', an all new part from Günes which features guest tricks from a certain Pontus Alv.

'Benim', which was filmed and edited by Jesper Lindgren, sees Günes more than live up to his Plaza General moniker. Showing us some of the incredible plazas that Istanbul, as well as other European destinations, have on offer.

You can now shop Günes' debut Magenta pro model as well as a range of new skateboard decks. French artist, Nils Inne, is the latest recipient of a Magenta guest artist board. Nils has designed a colourful abstract graphic which would look just as much at home under your feet as hanging on your wall.

This latest release of Magenta Skateboards decks includes the Infinite Loop series, a range of graphics designed by Magenta's artist in chief, Soy Panday.

In other new releases, check out the DC Shoes x Bronze 56K Lukoda video and collection.

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