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Introducing: Slugger to Parade

Introducing: Slugger to Parade
Posted by Neil Chester4 min read
Saturday, February 16, 2019

Slugger, what can we say?! Simply stoked to welcome Sheffield’s finest skate shop to Parade.

Louis Slater and Martin Kennelly have been present in the Sheffield skate scene for many years. Originally hailing from neighbouring Chesterfield, they brought a ton of character and skateboarding to Sheffield and needless to say, they cemented themselves firmly in the scene. For those who don't know, Louis was also an original member of Panic Skateboards (a pre-Blueprint Skateboards company) way before transferring his skills to the skate industry.

Pre-dating Slugger, Louis and Martin started Slugger Distribution in 2008 following Louis’ extended skate trips to the US. Hanging out with his mates in LA (notably the Piss Drunx) it was no surprise that he’d undertake the UK distribution for several brands that his California boys were creating. Enter Deathwish and Shake Junt. Starting out in Louis' spare bedroom, the distribution business evolved and they first opened Slugger Skate Store in Chesterfield circa 2009. Prior to this, Martin had experimented selling skate product on a market stall before combining forces with Louis.

“My market stall was called Slugworths, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!”

Soon after obtaining the UK distribution for Baker Skateboards they moved the entire business to Sheffield. As their first store location they happened to choose the same shopping complex where Seb Palmer’s legendary Sumo once resided, calling this home for five years. Fast forward to present day and Slugger now has a new stand-alone store in the heart of Devonshire Street.

Forever sponsoring and supporting a varied cast of local skateboarders from Moggin’s to Matlock BJ, Slugger’s presence within the Sheffield scene is solid. They say that personality and character speak volumes and both Louis and Martin bring this across in buckets. From the usage of Ray Winstone’s character in the 70s film Scum (another nod to Sumo) used in their branding to Louis’ recent offshoot label Sex Skateboards. You can count on Slugger for the humorous side of things and in true fashion, a way to keep skateboarding light-hearted and fun.

Slugger Skate Store, 95 Division Street, Sheffield, S1 4GE.

The store is open: Monday - Friday 11 am–6pm, Saturday 10am–6pm and Sunday 12–4pm.

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