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Our Editor's Streetwear Gift Edit - UK

Our Editor's Streetwear Gift Edit - UK
Posted by Dan Heyes2 min read
Monday, December 06, 2021

We know this festive season can be pretty mental, not only do you have to deal with the existential crisis of the incoming new year, countless parties and the worst music, you’ll also be inundated with gift ideas and deals every single day to the point of complete Christmas breakdown.  

So we’ve got some of the Parade team to select a few highlights from our gift guides. This time our Editor chooses products for the Streetwear Mogul in your life; from Stüssy and Aries to Awake NY and Butter Goods, there’s bound to be something for your friends, family or even yourself to covet. 

Our Editor says “Streetwear continues to dominate and manages to transcend multiple fashion landscapes making it one of the most versatile styles out there -  which incidentally makes it perfect for gifting. Plus, there's nothing like a fresh 'fit to get you through the obstacle course of Christmas meals and family meetups”.

Butter Goods - Mohair Knit Sweater

Butter Goods Mohair Knit Sweater →

The Butter Good's graphic take on a Christmas jumper is sure to make you stand out on Dec 25th. "I'm not like other people Nan..."

Rassvet - Pattern Shirt

Rassvet - Graphic Pattern Shirt →

A serious icebreaker for family dinners: "Yeah Dad it's colourful isn't it? Anyway I did want to ask if you could lend me some money?"

Aries - No Problemo Socks Pack Of 3

Aries - No Problemo Socks Pack Of 3 →

Socks are always a safe bet for Christmas; "Yeah I can keep my political beliefs to myself for Christmas day, No Problemo!"

Awake NY - Feathers Silk Shirt

Awake NY - Feathers Silk Shirt →

Another icebreaker shirt, because nothing is more awkward than trying to explain your creative career to an elderly relative. "It's like PR mixed with social media.... anyway look at these feathers?!"

OBEY - Hardwork Carpenter Trousers

OBEY - Hardwork Carpenter Trousers →

The best thing about these work pants from OBEY is that if the Christmas conversation moves toward politicised conversations you could disassociate by staring into the hypnotic houndstooth.

Stan Ray - 80s Painter Trousers

Stan Ray - 80s Painter Trousers →

Stan Ray always knows how to craft statement trousers. Inspired by the 80s they'll probably catch the attention of that uncle whose idealogy is stuck in the same decade.

Magenta Skateboards - VX Buckle Up Belt

Magenta Skateboards - VX Buckle Up Belt →

It's a belt that's primed for a lot of buckle-up jokes before starting games on Boxing Day. Enjoy!

Stüssy - Corduroy Logo Cap

Stüssy - Corduroy Logo Cap →

This classsic logo cap from Stüssy is the perfect way to avoid eye contact over Yorkshire puddings.

Aries - Satanic Panic T-Shirt

Aries - Satanic Panic T-Shirt →

Do as Aries says and inject a bit of satanic panic into Christmas because why not? It might make things more interesting.

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