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Parade In The USA!

We're stoked to announce that we've launched the Parade US site. You can now shop a selection of the finest shops and brands in one convenient location.

Parade In The USA!
Posted by Neil Chester3 min read
Saturday, August 17, 2019

What a year it's been so far. What started out as a small idea in the UK has spiralled into an amazing community of skate shops and brands on one single marketplace. Fast forward to now and we've just extended the Parade community to the US. Whether you're reading this as a customer, store owner or brand, we want to take the opportunity to guide you through some of the stuff we've been doing.

In the rest of this post, you'll find links to the articles we've produced which celebrate the many facets of skateboarding culture, we'll introduce the shops that we'll be working with, and explain the reasons for doing what we do. Enjoy.

Let's start with the skate shops.

Parade is founded from a love of skateboarding and the start of that journey is skate shops. It’s why we work with some of the finest independent skate shops out there. Shops that support and nurture their local scenes and who play a huge role in making skateboarding as great as it is.

The work they do, the knowledge and community support they provide, is a vital part of skateboarding culture. It’s why we have our ‘WTF is Parade’ article so prominent on our homepage, we’re proud of what we do and the shops we work with. Check it out, it’s our little love letter to skateboarding.

We’re incredibly excited to launch Parade in the US. From seeing Natas in Streets On Fire, through to countless hours watching 411 and more recently witnessing the level of skateboarding just explode, the US has provided a lifetime of inspiration. 

4. Armin is currently the shop's custodian, carrying on the good work the shop has been known for since its doors opened back in 2006.

We’re honoured to be working with some incredible stores across the country. Starting out, we will be working with Boston’s Orchard, No Comply out of Austin, Underground Skate Shop in New Jersey and Premier from Grand Rapids. All of these stores are exemplary, they have a wealth of experience, great product and share in our love of skateboarding.

We will be adding more stores very soon as we have done in the United Kingdom, where we already work with some of the finest shops out. This includes London’s famous Slam City Skates, Bristol’s Fifty Fifty, Welcome Skate Store in Leeds and the U.K’s only woman-run skate store, Brixton’s Baddest. That’s without mentioning the rest of the brilliant stores across the U.K we have the pleasure to work with.

Because we work with so many great stores we’re able to offer a huge selection of product in one convenient spot. All with the knowledge that when you buy through Parade, your money is going to independent businesses. Parade has an almost unrivalled amount of choice when it comes to sizes, colors and brands. This is because the skate shops do a great job of sourcing the best product for you.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the recent Jenkem Magazine article about us, they heard about what we’ve been doing in the UK and how it can benefit smaller independent skate stores. Also check the ‘Welcome to Parade' clip with our first team rider, Heitor Da Silva. If you haven’t seen this you should check it, Heitor is a boss and you’ll love his skating.

As the Jenkem article points out, Parade helps bricks and mortar skate shops better compete in the digital world. Alongside this, we also write and produce articles and interviews that look at wider skateboarding culture, go behind the scenes of the brands we love and take an in-depth look at the product they produce.

Korahn Gayle and Dan Magee for Cover Version

Lately, we’ve spoken to Dan Magee, the main man behind Blueprint Skateboards and their classic videos such as Lost and Found and Make Friends With The Colour Blue (which coincidentally was also filmed by one of the Parade founders 😉), about his first full-length video in many years ‘Cover Version’, which he released this year alongside Kevin Parrott. 

We’ve caught up with Numbers rider and regular Atlantic Drifter Kyron Davis about travelling the globe skateboarding. Skin Phillips, who we sell classic archival prints from, provided some amazing and hilarious context regarding Danny Way’s famous helicopter jump. Sebo Walker, too, kindly spoke about the realities of life as a professional skateboarder without major shoe company backing.

Jacob Ovgren in his Malmö studio Jacob Ovgren in his Malmö studio.

Nick Jensen took us behind the scenes at his East London studio and what goes into creating graphics for Isle Skateboards. The man behind Polar Skate Co’s graphics, Jacob Ovgren, gave us some insight into what it’s like working for one of skateboarding’s most popular companies. Team Managers from New Balance Numeric, Vans and adidas Skateboarding chatted about what it takes to stand out and get sponsored in the age of Instagram.

We spent some time with Tom Knox and Jordan Trahan around London’s Southbank as they put the New Balance Numeric #440 through its paces. Scott Johnston, lead shoe designer at adidas Skateboarding, and legendary skater himself, spoke about the design process that goes into creating skate shoes and particularly the adidas 3ST series. More recently Tyshawn Jones gave us the lowdown on creating his very first pro shoe.

We hope you enjoy checking out Parade, we ultimately exist to support independent stores and give you a safe and informed platform to shop from these great stores. Our ‘Live Chat’ feature allows you to talk directly to skateboarders, so if you want to know anything when you’re making a purchase, just hit us up, we’ve over 70 years of combined experience between us, so we’re confident we’ll have the answer.

Thanks for reading.

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