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PASS~PORT Kitsch - Full Video

Posted by Matt Broadley38 min watch
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Not to sound too harsh but the current Coronavirus situation is hurting small independent brands. So with an increased need of making digital noise throughout this crisis the good folks at PASS~PORT have made their recent film Kitsch available. The full-length offering from Australia's finest skateboard company was undoubtedly one of the best videos of 2019, and you can now enjoy it for free.

Whilst we're on the subject of free - Free Skateboard Magazine have an excellent interview with Geoff Campbell (the man who filmed the vast majority of Kitsch) which touches on the video, his relationship with Callum Paul and more.

Pass~Port, like many of the stores and brands we work with, is a relatively small, skater-owned and operated company who will be feeling the pinch right now. Any support you can send their way will mean the world to the guys behind the company.

Starring: Jason Rainbird, Jack O'Grady, Callum Paul, Glen Wignall, Bernie Foo, Dean Palmer, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Michael Mierusznski and Josh Pall.

Co-starring: Geoff Campbell, Trent Evans and Kevin Shealy.

Guest appearances from the Hoddle team.

Edited by Geoff Campbell, animations by Samuel Thonton, produced by Trent Evans and directed by Geoff Campbell and Trent Evans.

Keegan Walker Forever.

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