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Shari White & Norma Ibarra talk Maximum Flow Video

Posted by Richard Slade3 min read
Friday, October 23, 2020

'Maximum Flow' is a new edit by Shari White that features Breana Geering, Una Farrar, Fabiana Delfino, and friends. A compilation of surplus footage captured during the filming of Vans 'Credits', the new piece launches in tandem with a zine by Norma Ibarra, capturing imagery from the trips, sessions, and candid moments in between filming. We caught up with Norma and Shari to get some insight on their latest.

Having a tight crew and being able to take trips is so well documented in these videos, how have y'all been staying connected during COVID-19? 

Shari: Luckily we all live in the same area, like walking distance, and within the government's rules we have been able to hang out and skate together. 

Norma: Shari, Una and I are roommates so it's easy to wake up, have morning coffee and breakfast together and then go skate with everyone. 

Why is it important to you to have a physical zine made rather than push it out digitally?

Norma: “Tangible over Digital.”  As we all know online platforms die, I think treasuring something on print is super valuable and can last for years for the future generations to come. 

Maximum Flow Zine 2
Maximum Flow 1

Norma, I know you've been really active on Instagram documenting gardening and plant-based food etc, was that a new activity due to having more time and what pushed you towards that diet?

I grew up in a place where there is a lack of vegetables and since I moved to Canada I really felt inspired and have been trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle. On the other hand, I wanted to learn how to grow my own food and flowers for a while but I didn’t have space. This year everyone worked out and I am so inspired. I even started a gardening/skate club in Vancouver, B.C.

I think everyone should have access and knowledge about growing their own food, there are way too many benefits about it, mental and physical, it was actually such a therapeutic activity to do during the lockdown. To learn more about the club visit

Something that's been really important to me, other than activism in general over the past months, is being supportive of everyone especially when you can't be around them. I think there's a big lesson in giving our money to help friends pursue things. Do you think that going forward, we can all keep this mentality and think about how we support each other and where our money goes?

Norma: Totally, it is really important to keep the grass-root initiatives and businesses going. Supporting each other, collaborating especially with small businesses, women and BIPOC and femme run businesses, we need to stay connected and grounded, there is lots to learn and lots to do.  

With 'Credits', There, Glue, and more non-cis male projects happening in general and being more visible, it really feels like some positive steps are being made in skateboarding. Do you feel like progress is being made in inclusivity and what bigger steps need to happen?

Shari: I feel like there’s been a lot of progress and I’m so amazed by people like Jeff Cheung (Unity) who have gone out and built communities and brands that they want to see exist. I think we need more people who aren’t waiting for the brands to do the work and create authentic inclusive ones ourselves. Doing it for love is where it all starts.  

Almost everyone has a phone they can take pictures with but not everyone is a photographer, what advice can you give someone who wants to start shooting skating and what makes an image special to you?

Norma, The best advice I can give you is if you want to be a photographer start shooting with whatever equipment you have and start with your friends. It’s natural and fun, remember that everyone has a story to tell so is always fun to capture it.  Also for anyone looking for advice, at the beginning of my career I was super intimidated and I wish I was a bit braver to ask around, so if you have any questions, I’m here for everyone, I might not have all the answers but I can share from a personal experience - I’m a DM away and would love to chat!

Check out Norma's Credits zine here.

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