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Skate Malmo Dog Days

Skate Malmo Dog Days Next level. Photo: Skate Malmo.
Posted by Neil Chester3 min watch
Monday, December 17, 2018

For the past number of years now the city of Malmo, Sweden has been played a vital role in showing how skateboarding can be a progressive, educational, and important part of the social makeup of a modern city. Rather than shun and exclude the activity of skateboarding, they have embraced it at all levels.

This is not just a case of building a skatepark to tick a box, then banning skateboarding downtown. Which is sadly the model that many cities have adopted around the world. The local government of Malmo provide support for Bryggeriet (which is a whole story in itself) to providing skateable structures that mirror street furniture in urban plazas. This is all alongside next level skateparks, not instead of.

Dog Days is a new film from David Lindberg that documents the current level of skateboarding happening in Malmo. Largely featuring a grip of young unknown locals it’s refreshing to see that behind Oski, Heitor and Pontus is a huge talent pool on the come-up.

To find out more about skateboarding in Malmo, from maps to street spots and skateparks plus where to eat, drink and even dance you need to checkout the Skate Malmo site and make it your duty to visit the city.

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