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Bronson G3 Pro Mason Silva Bearings

  • Bronson G3 Pro Mason Silva Bearings | Bearings by Bronson Speed Co 1
  • Bronson G3 Pro Mason Silva Bearings | Bearings by Bronson Speed Co 2
  • Bronson G3 Pro Mason Silva Bearings | Bearings by Bronson Speed Co 3

Bronson G3 Pro Mason Silva Bearings

Bronson Speed Co
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    • Bronson Speed Co. Bronson G3 Pro Erick Winkowski Bearings. 

      Bronson Speed Co is proud to release Mason Silva's signature G3 bearing featuring a black and white striped pro colorway with Mason laser etching on the outside bearing race. Go fast, stay fast with Bronson bearings!

      Bronson Speed Co. G3 Next Generation Bearings designed for today's skateboarding.

      Deep Groove Raceways.
      Balls roll deep in raceway channels.
      Reduces side impact damage & breakage
      Straight Edge Frictionless Shields.
      Pop off resistant.
      Holds oil in, dirt and moisture out.
      Easy to clean.
      Micro Groove Raceway Surfaces.
      Linear micro-groove surfaces improve bearing lubrication, speed and spin.
      Max Impact Cage Design.
      Non-distortion custom cage keeps the balls precision spaced & oil circulating.
      Balls Out Technology.
      Eliminates shield and cage contact on impact for a go fast, stay fast bearing.
      High Speed Ceramic Oil.
      Nano-ceramic compounds for wear protection.
      moisture, rust, corrosion resistant.
      Factory Fresh Quality.
      Nitrogen filled shrink wrap, reduces metal & oil oxidation until ready to be ridden.

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