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How much can I earn?

Moetic's build-your-own stores are open to everyone. A co-selling platform driven and built by the community that inspired it. Each store is an exclusive story built around the best global brands and products.

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Curate, share, get paid.

Just for fun

It's not just about your follower count. You earn 5% on each sale when you create a store from our catalogue of 50,000+ products. We're adding new brands and retailers every week, so keep hitting us up.

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I want to connect the brands I currently work with

For those with larger audiences who wish to connect their own brand and sponsorship deals, we can onboard your negotiated terms and connect the inventory. Typically, we see partnership deals range from 10% - 40% depending on your audience, engagement and negotiating power.

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Can you help me with brand introductions?

Yes, we are starting to introduce our network of brands with individuals who have a relevant audience and high engagement. We see this as a way to monetize your following, create brand collaborations and amplify your earning potential. We're also working with brands on exclusive product drops across the Moetic community.

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I'm an agent, can I sign up my talent and deals?

100%. There's a lot more brand deals out there - you just need a simple solution! With Moetic, you can introduce a revenue share component to your commercial deals, keep campaigns running for longer and increase the earning potential of talent and sponsorships. We can also introduce you to our growing network of brands and commercial opportunities.

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About us

Moetic is a new approach to affiliate marketing and sponsorship deals, a retail channel that cuts through the noise of algorithms and paid advertising to reach consumers searching for a source they can trust - curated for them, by people like them. Somewhere to shop, find inspiration, and participate in the cultural conversation. And a place where brands can invite fans, creators and ambassadors to curate and validate their products, revolutionising word-of-mouth marketing and building genuine connections that drive sales.

People move people

Creativity is power. Our community is dedicated to discovery and reinvention. Makers by nature who have become teachers too. They gravitate to other creators and influencers who have something to say and share, who they can learn from and trust. Their focus on self-expression is evolving into self-exploration - what they stand for and enjoy. The best brands wanting to connect authentically are engaging these creators, encouraging independent conversation and activating global audiences and culture. Moetic emerged from this community and our platform is a solution to that challenge, harnessing the potential of curator commerce by uplifting creativity at its heart.

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