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10 Skateboard Decks For August.

Posted by Matt Broadley4 min read
Thursday, August 08, 2019

Summer's not over yet, so still plenty of time to pick-up a new deck and ride out the long days. Here’s our August pick of some of the fine skateboard decks that are available to buy here on Parade. Featured in no particular order.

Grimple Stix x Anti Hero: Evan Smith After

10 decks for August: Anti Hero x Grimple Stix Evan Smith

We're not sure if Evan Smith is the first rider on the new Anti Hero off-shoot company, Grimple Stix, or this is just a guest board. Either way the board is Evan's preferred width of 8.6" and 31.875” in length with a wheelbase of 14.375”. It's slightly retro in it's shape with a pointy nose but with a more traditional square tail. We're guessing the graphic is of some reference to Evan's mind, given he's not shy of the odd hallucinogenic! It's quite a departure graphic wise from anything coming out of Deluxe, so it's worthwhile keeping an eye out for more Grimple Stix decks.

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Skateboard Cafe: Dance All Over

10 decks for August: Skateboard Cafe Dance All Over

This wood stain board from Skateboard Cafe is available in a variety of sizes and coloured veneers, including 8”, 8.375” and 8.5”. It features artwork from Gaurab Thakali who has been a long-time collaborator with Skateboard Cafe, creating some of their most memorable graphics including the original Dancers board and Dom Henry’s Stand Up debut pro model.

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Lost Art: Baines Edison Raliegh-Gator

10 decks for August: Lost Art Baines Edison Raliegh-Gator

This Lost Art Mark Baines guest pro model is available in both 8” and 8.38” and comes with high concave only, to quote Lost Art “none of that flat shite”. The graphic was designed by Mike Holmes and is a homage to Baines’ love of cycling. Baines’ recent video part released to accompany this board is a reminder of his huge contribution to skateboarding over the past 20 or so years.

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WKND: Sunny Side of Schmidt

10 decks for August: WKND Sunny Side of Schmidt.

This yellow wood stain board is one of two debut pro models for WKND’s Alex Schmidt, the other being designed by his teammate Alexis Sablone. This model features artwork by Los Angeles based designer, Andrew Hunter. The board is available in both 8.25” and also 8.5”, both on the same yellow veneer.

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Palace Skateboards: Stoggie

10 decks for August: Palace Stoggie

This is the 8.5” version of the Palace Skateboards Stoggie board, there’s another version available too with a different image in the smaller size of 8.1”. The graphic was created by Palace designer, and the man behind The Trilogy Tapes record label, Will Bankhead, presumably an image sourced from his vast magazine collection.

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5Boro: VHS Series Jordan Trahan Pro

10 decks for August: 5Boro VHS Series Jordan Trahan Pro

We’re big fans of this VHS series from 5Boro and have picked out Parade favourite Jordan Trahan’s board as he’s a nice guy and he rips. For those of you too young to remember VHS tapes it’s a somewhat interesting conversation you can have with your parents. The board is available in both 8.25” and 8.5” width.

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Magenta: Ceremony Series Ben Gore x Sergej Vutuc

10 decks for August: Magenta Ben Gore x Sergej Vutuc

One from Magenta Skateboards Ceremony series, this one is the Ben Gore pro model made in collaboration with Sergej Vutuc, the Rakalj and Berlin-based photographer. Sergej is famous for his incredibly hands-on approach to photography, as you can see here on the graphic. The board is available in 8.125” and 8.25”.

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GX1000: Horror Movie

10 decks for August: GX1000 Horror Movie

Alongside most of skateboarding, we really love what GX1000 is doing. From a video series to board company, you simply can't front on how gnarly this crew is, reinventing the classic SF hill bomb to a new generation. This Horror Movie deck complete with a debossed GX1000 logo top logo and pressed at PS Stix, so you know they’re great quality, comes in at 8.25” wide. Check out the rest of the GX1000 series for other sizes and graphics.

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Scram Skates: ERB

10 decks for August: Scram Skates ERB

One for fans of a wider ride this one from Scram Skates. The ERB shaped board is designed by Nolan Johnson, one of the main guys behind Scram, and also features his artwork on the bottom. The board comes with a random veneer on the top, it’s 8.75” wide, 32.5” in length and has a wheelbase of 14.5”. Scram has a great selection of even bigger boards than this one, so if that’s your thing, go take a look.

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Krooked: Zip Zagger RGB

10 decks for August: Krooked Zip Zagger RBG

Surely the Zip Zagger is a modern Krooked classic by now? This original shaped 'Zagger is still going strong after many years now and stands as a testament to the great things going down at Krooked Skateboards. The board is 8.62” wide with an almost dangerous shaped nose. It's feels thinner due to the sharp nose and rails tapering in towards the tail. Check out the other Zip Zagger's we have on Parade, both a bloated 10.75" and a more agile 7.75".

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