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Atlantic Drift's Debut Collection

Atlantic Drift's Debut Collection
Posted by Matt Broadley3 min read
Thursday, October 17, 2019

We’re stoked to be able to offer the full range of clothing from Atlantic Drift. Driven by the popularity of the Thrasher Atlantic Drift video series, Jake, Mike, Casper and the boys have designed a range of clothing, including Atlantic Drift t-shirts, hoodies and sweats.

The collection includes a black hooded sweatshirt featuring the Catfish graphic screen printed on the front. A nod to the title of the other Thrasher Atlantic Drift video clip they released, the one where Tom Knox does that mega line through the housing estate by Forest Hill.

The Powder Fish graphic also appears on a black hoodie, that’s the fish on skis for those unfamiliar. This graphic is available on a short-sleeved t-shirt as well, in both black and white options.

All the Jellyfish fans will be pleased as the Jelly logo t-shirt and crewneck are included. Harking back to the Thrasher Atlantic Drift hoodie and t-shirt collab that proved so popular after it’s release in 2018.

Their Save The Bags graphic comes screen printed on a navy long sleeve and a mint short-sleeved t-shirt - a welcome reminder to reuse plastic bags or refuse to use them all together!

As with their skateboarding, the quality is apparent in these tees, hoods and sweats. The crew are away at the time of writing on another filming mission. We look forward to the next Atlantic Drift Thrasher episode with great anticipation.

We're pleased to have the full Atlantic Drift collection available in both our US and U.K stores. Whilst we're waiting for that Moscow episode, why not watch, or re-watch, the episodes to date. Which, let's be honest, never get old.

Episode 1: London

The debut Drift episode in the city of London. A real treat to rewatch as it reminds us of the freshness that Jake's editing style brought to the internet clip. The use of cuts and audio adds another dimension to the skateboarding. Tom Knox's line at High St. Kensington is still incredible. Jarne Verbruggen pops up at Chris Jones' Vase spot with a guest trick that isn't possible.

Episode 2: St Pauls

The Drifters take a different approach in episode 2 and take on the mammoth task at filming an entire section at St Paul's Cathedral. For anyone who's visited this spot, you'll know it's no easy task. Particularly when the area's powers that be decide to skate stop it with planter boxes halfway through.

Episode 3: Paris

It's over the English channel for episode 3 as the boys head to Paris. Opting to stay away from some of Paris' more vortex style spots - namely Republique. This leads to a far more interesting Parisian tour than most. Seeking out South London style crust will always lead to great viewing.

Episode 4: New York

Drifting over the Atlantic for the first time and to New York City, Kyron Davis joining the fun for the first time. There are some heavy guest appearances in this episode, namely Jordan Trahan and Mark Suciu. The in-jokes in the editing in this episode are stellar too.

Episode 5: Hippy Jumps

As concept videos go, this has to be one of the best ever made. It's almost entirely the inspiration for all the weird and wonderful hippy jumps we see at the moment. A great idea perfectly executed. This episode also gave us Mike Arnold's incredible Grey Skate Magazine cover, shot by Rich West. Casper's trick at Canada Water still doesn't compute!

Episode 6: San Francisco

From the Atlantic to the Pacific and San Francisco for episode 6. Love the quick footed creativity of Tom and Kyron at Pier 7 - skate stoppers can't stop everything. It's Corey Duffel's cameo and the back to back enders that really make this one.

Episode 7: Las Vegas

For most, going to Las Vegas for a couple of weeks to film a seven minute video of skateboarding might seem like a bit of a gamble. But thanks to locals, tour guides and Frog Skateboards riders Krazy Frankie and Nick Michel, the Drifters pulled through. Some of the spots in this episode are incredible, and Kyron's roof to roof ender is something else.

Episode 8: Hawaii

The Hawaii mission was half skateboard trip half Tom Knox's stag do. We can think of worse places for either occasion. Max Palmer joins them on this one, and him and Knox kill it with some wild wallows clips. Special mention to Mike Arnold's tightrope tre flip.

Episode 9: Athens

Episode sees the crew in Athens and us up to date. Kyron Davis gave us the low down about this trip in an interview we did with him. Max Palmer is now firmly aboard and PassPort's Matlock Bennett Jones has a couple of banging clips.

Now we just patiently wait for the Moscow episode...

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