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Converse Cons Calango

Converse boys hit Brazil

Posted by Neil Chester8 min watch
Wednesday, December 26, 2018

More Milton! We can’t get enough of Milton Martinez’s mad antics. He’s been throwing out some insane shit of late and his closing trick in Calango is no different.

This edit sees a stack of the Converse boys joining up with the local Brazilian team and taking in Sao Paulo, Salvador, Goiania and Brasilia. Filmed and edited by 'Parade pal' James Cruickshank.

Featuring: Milton Martinez, Aaron Herrington, Raney Beres, Kenny Anderson, Mike Anderson, Brian Delatorre, Milton Martinez, Kauê Cossa, Henrique Crobelatti, Felipe Oliveira, Victor Süssekind, Renato Souza, Biano Bianchin

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