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Dan & Rohan. Shot by Lewis Khan.

Dan & Rohan. Shot by Lewis Khan.Dan wears Butter Goods beanie, Come to my Church hoodie, Yardsale Jeans and adidas 3MC shoes.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

We recently shot London locals Dan and Rohan at the Greenwich hip spot, just prior to the coronavirus outbreak and invited them to pick a few pieces from the recent Spring Summer ’20 collections hitting Parade. Read on as we introduce their selects. 

Dan & Rohan 1 Dan (left) wears Butter Goods Wharfie beanie and Come to my Church hoodie. Rohan (right) wears Come to my Church beanie, Carhartt WIP Chase hooded jacket and Pop Trading Company Noah t-shirt.

"Hi, I’m Daniel, 23 years old and I’m a skater, designer and creative. I also have my foot in the admin world, gotta fund those dreams y'know."

"Hey, I'm Rohan, 22 years old and I'm also a skater and a painter. I love to design and I'm teaching myself embroidery at the moment. I'm also a bit of a pain in the ass if I love you!"

Dan & Rohan 2 Rohan wears Come to my Church beanie, Carhartt WIP Chase hooded jacket and Pop Trading Company Noah t-shirt.

Rohan: "When it comes to skating, I like Fucking Awesome 'cause to me it just screams skateboarding in its rawest form, also with a huge "I don't care" attitude. Polar is also sick, they make the most amazing jeans, shout out to the BIG BOYS!"

Dan: "I like Yardsale for their retro look and also Magenta, their style of skating makes me want to go skate."

Rohan: "Favourite skate videos? I flex the Ice Cream video! It was the first skate related thing I ever saw where people that looked like me were being themselves. And Baker 4, as I could also relate to that and had friends just like that."

Dan: "Supreme's Blessed, just because of all the different types of skate styles and the music selection was on point. LurkNYC has got the best street videos too."

Dan & Rohan 3 Dan wears Yardsale SEN shell jacket. Rohan wears Butter Goods Moor sweater.

Dan: "My top tip for self-isolation? Buy lots of food, weed and pen and paper!"

Rohan: "Find the sun and try to find out what makes you happy, then just do it over and over. Indoors of course!"

All photography by Lewis Khan.

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