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Dane Barker Welcome to Converse Cons

Posted by Matt Broadley2 min watch
Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Converse Cons just released this powerful welcome part from Dane Barker. It’s been a big few months for Dane, after recently being officially announced on the full Quasi team, and he’s backed that up with an incredible three minutes of skateboarding.

The video was expertly put together by Ben Chadourne accompanied by The Mob’s 1983 classic, ‘Another Day, Another Death’. It’s likely Instagram has already spoiled the video for you as someone’s bound to have posted Dane's ridiculous 3rd & Army ender, fortunately, this part does have a lot of re-watch value so all is not lost.

Ultimately we’re left looking forward to whatever Quasi having coming next, if it's got to follow the latest Bust Crew video (which featured a heavy Quasi contingent) and now this Dane part, it’s certainly going to be special.

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