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Introducing: Brixton’s Baddest to Parade

Introducing: Brixton’s Baddest to Parade
Posted by Neil Chester4 min read
Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Parade is pleased to welcome Brixton’s Baddest to our store community, allowing you to shop the best skate shops and brands in one spot.

Owners and local skateboarders Daphne Greca and Valentine Katz were clear in what they wanted to create when they opened Brixton’s Baddest in December 2015. In their words, “we opened to serve, support and grow the local skate community, which is the heart and soul of the shop”.

Growing up in Greece before moving to London to study photography at Camberwell, just down the road from Brixton, things took a different turn when Daphne found skateboarding. As with many, she dived in head first and soon found herself immersed in the South London skate scene. It dawned on her pretty quickly that there was something missing: a local skate shop catering for local skateboarders. A simple philosophy that Daphne shared with Val and off they went.

“a platform to create our own things and apply our creativity”

Locals come by to hang out, check what’s happening, talk shit, watch skate videos (including a full collection of CKY videos on VHS!) and slowly decide what their next deck or set of wheels might be. Brixton’s Baddest is doing an amazing job of bringing their vision to reality and this hard work is paying off for the local skate community, who have a hub to be a part of. The store hosts in-store events, launches, premieres and even the Know-Wave radio show that is broadcasted direct from the shop. It comes as no surprise that they see themselves beyond just a skate shop but as “a platform to create our own things and apply our creativity.”

The store is like an extension of anybody’s skateboard obsessed home. With walls plastered with ripped out pages from skate magazines, posters, photos and other bits of memorabilia that skateboarders pour over and obsess the details of. You can observe the little things across the store like the old thrashed wheels (worn down, stained and yellow no less), which act as little mascots to all the things that are rad about discovering skateboarding. It gives Brixton’s Baddest a stack of personality and a character that’s easy to fall in love with.

The same can be said of Daphne and Val, who bring such a mellow and welcoming vibe, it’s their personal touch, alongside an attitude that doesn't worry about conforming to any retail store rules that make Brixton’s Baddest what it is. Stocking all the things they think are sick, from Hockey Skateboards or Call Me 917 through to local brands like Yardsale, REUP and Blast Skates, which they see as their duty to support and in-turn those brands will better support them. And it’s not just brands that this applies to. It’s this chain of neutral respect that amplifies Brixton’s Baddest far beyond South London.

Brixton’s Baddest were recently asked if they wanted to partner with Selfridges, opening a concession within a new area of the famed department store, which caters for ‘luxury, street and progressive fashion’. Selfridges have built an indoor bowl as part of a long-term commitment and positioned alongside is the Brixton’s Baddest concession that showcases a small selection of brands and their own Brixton’s Baddest clothing.

“you never know when opportunity strikes, so you have to be ready”

But home is the Brixton store, barely a minute’s walk from Stockwell Skatepark, and is where you can find Daphne and Val every day, doing what they do… getting involved with as many creative things as they can, promoting Brixton’s Baddest and the South London scene and in between all of this, skate every day. In their words “you never know when opportunity strikes, so you have to be ready.”

Brixton’s Baddest, 154 Stockwell Road, London, SW9 9TQ.

The store is open: Sunday - Monday: 12pm - 6pm, Tuesday 12pm - 7pm, Wednesday to Saturday 11am - 7pm.

We’d just like to say again how stoked we are to welcome Brixton’s Baddest to Parade. Daphne and Val rule, so if you would like to shop only the products that Brixton’s Baddest carry, please ‘Shop by Store’ in the navigation bar and you’re all set. Thanks guys.

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