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Introducing Last Resort AB: The New Footwear Brand

Introducing Last Resort AB: The New Footwear Brand
Posted by Matt Broadley3 min read
Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Last Resort AB is a new footwear brand with the prime purpose of creating shoes that, simply put, are amazing for skateboarders. The company's mantra is a simple one, 'Intention to Detail'. This is reflected throughout its design process, right down to the shoe box, in order to create skate shoes filled with hidden functionality, specifically for skateboarding.

The company is owned and operated by Sami and Pontus Alv, the head of Polar Skate Co. The two decided to work together after a meeting in 2019, though have been friends for much longer than this. After a conversation in Portgual, Sami and Pontus realised they shared the same ambition to create a shoe company and to break free from the corporate world. For Pontus, it was a feeling that something was right: "When I look out at the so-called skate shoe landscape there is something about it that feels off & weird these huge corporations running things their way."

Last Resort AB VM001 Mustard yellow. Pontus Alv and Polar Skate Co New shoe company. 3
Last Resort AB VM001 Black. Pontus Alv and Polar Skate Co New shoe company. 1
Last Resort AB VM001 Moss Green. Pontus Alv and Polar Skate Co New shoe company. 2

The first release from Last Resort AB features the VM0001 silhouette which is presented in three colours - black, mustard yellow and moss green. The VM0001 skate shoe is a low top silhouette with every part of the shoe being customised for Last Resort.

The last has been modified for a more snug fit, the sole pattern is designed with grip and stability in mind, as well as with slanted angles so as to stop gravel and other detritus from being collected. The thickness of the foxing tape has been fine-tuned for optimum flexibility and board feel.

The panels in high-wear areas, around the toe box where you ollie, have been reinforced with double stitching to aid with durability. The shoes' laces are made from 100% cotton, this is in order to help them stay in place better than synthetic laces, and also to age and tear more gracefully.

Last Resort AB's first collection drops on Friday 18th September at 9am GMT (10am UK time, 5am EST), make sure you hit the Parade site to get yours.

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