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New Frog Skateboards Winter Collection

Posted by Matt Broadley3 min read
Friday, November 22, 2019

We’ve recently had a new grip of Frog Skateboards clothing and hardware hit the US and U.K sites. Chris Milic and Jesse Alba’s company has playfully carved out its own niche, and this latest collection continues in that vein.

The latest collection of Frog skateboards includes a shaped professional model for Chris ‘Craig’ Milic, big fan of the wood stains on this deck. These are randomly selected from black, purple or pink.

Perhaps you’ve stumbled across Pat Gallaher’s Instagram @questforcuteness? Honouring Pat’s search ‘for cute things everyday’ Frog have released the Quest for Cuteness graphic, this comes in an 8.6” popsicle shape.

The DJ Heartbreaker graphic is classic Frog; it features original artwork by Chris Milic and is available as an 8.25”. There’s a fun looking 8” mini board too, though be warned Frog tell us the board is “loaded with extreme pop”. One for Killer Skaters only…

Frog Winter 2019 Collection. New Frog skateboards, caps, beanies and decks including the Frog pink mini deck.

The new range of Frog clothing contains a rare design from Jesse Alba, found on the Napkin crewneck. You can find the napkin drawing of a man with basketballs for free on sweaters in black, purple and green.

Two great graphic t-shirts are included in the form of the I Love Energy! and Gift From the Moon tees. A range of accessories completes the collection, this includes some great looking corduroy caps, acrylic knit beanies, Frog stickers and a keychain.

In anticipation of the new Frog video Killer Skaters 2, they have released a new edit by Diego Meek which features the Frog team alongside our pal, and Polar rider, Jamie Platt and Stephen Ostrowski. Check it out above.

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