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Product & News From Parade

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Product & News From Parade
Posted by Craig Smith4 min read
Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Parade News 

We paid a visit to Nick Jensen’s East London studio for a look behind the scenes of Isle Skateboards. Link

We were stoked to release two limited edition Skin Phillips prints. News of this was picked up by Hypebeast. Link 

We’re excited to welcome Bristol’s finest, Fifty Fifty Store, to the platform. Link 

We’re now offering £1.99 for standard U.K delivery! Service applies per store. Link 

It’s been 2 months since Parade launched, big thanks to everyone who has supported us so far.  

Parade Recommends 

There’s a new Sabotage video coming in 2020! Watch 

Sage Elsesser’s dropped some new music. Listen 

Really into Antihero? Here’s every advert they’ve ever run. Link 

Know your skate advert history? These will bring back some memories. Link 

A list of all the substances Olympic skateboarding hopefuls will have to avoid. Read 

‘Hideaway’ - a great edit from Taryn Ward, filmed on São Miguel Island, Azores. Watch 

The translation makes it difficult to read in places, but here’s an interview with Jeremie Daclin about his truck company, Film Trucks. Read 

Chad Muska sighting! Watch 

‘We Are Brothers, Skateboarders, Americans, and Muslims’ - The Atlantic profile Carpet Company’s Osama and Ayman Abdeldayem. Watch 

Skateism talk design and more with master of flick, Alexis Sablone. Read 

Grey spoke to Lizzie Armanto about being a woman in professional skateboarding. Read 

From the Parade Seller Community 

Brixton’s Baddest & Friends of Stockwell Skatepark will be hosting the 2nd Stockwell Soundclash this Friday 5th April. Head along if you’re in South London. Link 

Slugger had a lock-in at The House Skatepark in Sheffield. Watch 

They will also be showing some skateboarding prior to the Mid 90’s premiere in Sheffield. Link 

If you missed Fifty-Fifty’s Lloyd’s jam, this clip (and accompanying photos) are worth a look. Watch


If you enjoy looking at incredible skate spots, give Johnny Tang a follow. Link 

Scram Skates affiliate Sam Cole takes great photos. Link

Not skateboarding 

Scientists are beginning to study the ‘archaeology’ of sea otters. Link 

Brian Eno interviewed on the Suite (212) radio show. Listen

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