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Quasi Updates: Bust Crew & Bledsoe

Posted by Matt Broadley4 min watch
Wednesday, February 05, 2020

The New Year can often be a slow time for skateboard media. However, at the start of 2020 we’ve already been treated to no less than three clips featuring members of the Quasi squad.

Nightmare Van, originally released via Thrasher Magazine, is now more readily available after it was uploaded to the Bust Crew YouTube channel. Nightmare Van is the latest video from Richmond, VA’s Will Rosenstock and the Bust Crew. The video takes its name from the van Will and the crew used whilst out on missions - “we got out of town every Sunday to film from like 8am until 10pm” Will told DLXSF.

The full-length features Quasi affiliates Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson, Dane Barker, Dick Rizzo, Josh Wilson and Daniel Ravenal - alongside Slave’s Pat Burke, Ty Beall of Scum Co & Sons. The closing section is held down by past Politic pro Jon Rowe. 

Nightmare Van is a testament to two years of hard work from Will, Jon and everyone involved - most of these guys work full-time strenuous jobs. This includes Jon Rowe who, save Pat Burke, arguably had the stand out part from the video. “Jon filmed for 2 consecutive years and it definitely shows.”

Check out the full interview with Will about Nightmare Van over on the DLXSF site.

Pula$ki: Bust Crew

A very enjoyable raw edit from Will Rosenstock, capturing the vibe of the session expertly via a mixture of HD and Hi-8 footage. Once again this Pulaski Plaza edit is Quasi rider heavy with Gilbert, Josh Wilson, Dick Rizzo, Dane Barker and Daniel Ravenal all in the mix. We're guessing there's some new projects in the works, looking forward to finding out what those are.

Bledsoe: Magic 5

An all Tyler Bledsoe clip, all filmed at Portland's Unitus Plaza and featuring several shades of camo trouser. Plenty of lines to enjoy here from a true technician. Magic 5 got us re-watching Tyler's recent HUF clip which is an excellent demonstration of his style and finesse.

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