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Scumco & Sons: Upstate NY Video

Posted by Matt Broadley6 min watch
Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Vague Skate Mag premiere the latest video from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based skateboard company Scumco & Sons.

Upstate NY documents the Scumco & Sons team's search for crust as they make their way from Pittsburgh to Erie, then through Buffalo and Rochester, finally reaching Centralia - an abandoned mining town in Pennsylvania.

Featured in the video are Scumco affiliates Kevin Taylor, Kyle Nicholson, Dave Abair, Ty Beall, Josh Narvaez and Javi Guitierrez. Upstate NY was filmed by Eric Calfo and edited by Nick Teodori.

Vague are hosting a photo gallery from the trip, shot by Grant Halleran. Halleran also shares an interesting nugget of information concerning Rochester, NY and the flat bar, read on below.

"Damn near every parking lot in Rochester, NY has a flat bar around the perimeter.

In the mid-19th century, there was a race to find the technology to extrude steel alloy in long sections without defects. In 1859, Phil Somers- founder and CEO of Monroe Piping & Sheet Metal in Rochester, claimed that he was abducted by aliens who supplied him with the information that his company was missing.

Monroe Piping & Sheet Metal would go on to become an integral supplier for the first transcontinental railroad, the First World War, and lo and behold- the Rochester Bureau of Parking. Rochester, NY is the home of the flat bar."

Scumco & Sons Upstate NY Video Photo by Grant Halleran

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