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Skateboard Cafe Sonata and Winter Collection

Posted by Matt Broadley3 min read
Friday, December 13, 2019

Skateboard Cafe's recently released Winter Range is perhaps the brands finest collection to date. Building on the strength of previous releases, the Bristol based company have very much come into their own in terms of finding a genuine and unique aesthetic.

The winter range sees Skateboard Cafe work with two new artists for the first time; the first of these is Brother Merle, a Montreal based illustrator. There's a good chance you've come across his Instagram, which is full of humorous drawings inspired by skateboarding and its adjacent worlds. For the winter collection, Brother Merle contributes two designs that can be found across skateboard decks, hoodies, t-shirts and caps – in the form the Motorcycle and the Race Car graphics.

1. Skateboard Cafe Winter Collection
2. Skateboard Cafe Winter Collection

The second new artist is Tishk Barzanji; Barzanji is a Kurdistani visual artist based in London. His work touches on elements of the modernism movement and surrealism. He has created two pieces for Skateboard Cafe, in the form of the 'Dawn' and 'Liberated' graphics. These can be are found on skateboard decks and t-shirts. The graphics explore space, specifically living space, in a modern yet futuristic world. Barzanji’s work compliments the aesthetic that Gaurab Thakali has helped Cafe to create with his tastefully chosen colours and tones.

Gaurab has contributed to this latest collection with the jazz themed 'Piano Staircase' graphic - which features in blue wood stain or in black as a board graphic and can also be found as a short sleeved t-shirt. Becki Clark is another artist Cafe have worked with before, for this release she has contributed the Flower Bed graphic - this simple, colourful design is heavily featured in the collection appearing on decks, t-shirts, hoodie and embroidered on a five-panel cap.

3. Skateboard Cafe Winter Collection
4. Skateboard Cafe Winter Collection

Skateboard Cafe continue to pay homage to their favourite films with the ‘Bowling’ skateboard deck and t-shirt – celebrating the Cohen Brothers cult classic film, The Big Lebowski.

There are two new pro models for Dom Henry and Korahn Gayle. ‘The Overthinker’ model gently pokes fun at Dom’s tendency for ‘sagas’ – check his Free Skate Mag interview for an introduction to such terminology. Korahn’s pet cat Rammi graces his latest pro-model.

2020 is sure to be a big year for Skateboard Cafe, having added the talented Francis Peters to their team and with Dom and Korahn showing zero signs of slowing - we look forward to seeing what they have in store for us. If you can't wait that long, check out the latest issue of Grey Skateboard Magazine for a Skateboard Cafe trip to Vienna.

1_1. Skateboard Cafe Winter Collection
1_2. Skateboard Cafe Winter Collection

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