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Stan Ray Pants Size Guide

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Stan Ray Pants Size Guide
Posted by Matt Broadley5 min read
Monday, October 18, 2021

Stan Ray is an iconic workwear label that originally created garments for heavy use in the field, they originate from Texas, USA, and were founded in 1972. The extent to which Stan Ray produced durable clothing was evident early on as they soon started supplying the US Military with clothing. This approval quickly gave Stan Ray a strong foundational base to which they are still pulling from today. 

Along with the rugged construction and high tolerance for practicality, Stan Ray products employed a minimal design philosophy, which became known as no-nonsense, good looking clothing that gets the job done. Suitably following on from the military use, they were also used as costumes in the TV show M*A*S*H* and worn by notable figures throughout the 70s, becoming the de facto workwear and surplus brand of choice.

Stan Ray Pants Size Guide - History 1
Stan Ray Pants Size Guide - History 2

Some of the Stan Ray pants range are still produced by hand in the same family-owned Texas factory, with these styles there can sometimes be very minute differences in the sizing, we don’t think it will be fully noticeable, but it is a disclaimer that Stan Ray themselves state. As production has moved on, away from the USA factory, they can now offer a wide range of fits and styles to include many colour and material options. This is why the importance of a size guide is needed.

The most popular styles of Stan Ray pants available on Parade are the OG Painter Pant and the 80s Painter Pant. Earl Beard, the brand’s founder, first produced these styles back in the 70s, they have kept the same cut as they had back then. Featuring triple chain stitching throughout giving great strength and durability, and being a ‘Painter Pant’ they have a paintbrush/hammer loop on the side and other pockets, which were originally used for various tools and other equipment needed in the workplace.

Stan Ray Pants Size Guide - History 3

Today Stan Ray pants are worn by a huge range of people, from young skateboarders through to emerging fashionistas, artists and creatives alike, but primarily for their all purpose traditional workwear origins, fit and feel.

In this guide, we’ll highlight the range of pants that Stan Ray produces and cover the details around each pair, informing you of any sizing details and issues. Read on as we deep dive into the full range of Stan Ray pants:

Stan Ray Pants Size Guide - Pants 2

Stan Ray OG Painter Pant

Being one of the first pants Stan Ray ever designed, they were originally created for the Brooklyn Overall Company and produced in the Texas factory. The fit and construction methods remain the same today.

They feature a slightly tapered leg, which is bordering on a straight leg as they only open up to a 17.5” hem. They are triple chain stitched throughout, bar-tacked stress points provide added strength in stress areas and feature the hammer/paintbrush loop with additional leg utility pockets. 

We suggest taking your regular waist size in the OG Painter Pant and study the images for the amount of bagginess you may want, especially at the hem. Coming in a range of materials and colours, from black cotton twill to a single rinse darker blue denim. 

Stan Ray Pants Size Guide - Pants 1

Stan Ray 80s Painter Pant

The 80s Painter Pant is a newer version of the OG Painter Pant. The OG was originally designed in the 70s, with the 80s pants, well you guessed it, in the 1980s!

They share a lot of the same features as the original Painter pants with triple chain stitching, flat-felled seams, side utility pockets and hammer loop. The other notable style feature being that they have rounded-off back pockets, as opposed to straight pockets of the OG painter. 

The fit is loose, especially in the top half, with a lowered waistband which makes them fit and feel like a regular pair of jeans worn at the hip. The tapered leg starts to come in just above the knee and finishes up to a 16” hem (depending on waist size) at the bottom of the pants. 

We suggest taking your regular waist size in the 80s Painter Pant. They are available in a range of material options, from hickory striped 100% cotton denim, a more regular stonewash denim and corduroy.

Stan Ray Pants Size Guide - Pants 3

Stan Ray Fat Pant

Unlike the other archive styles we’ve covered thus far, the Fat Pant is a new design for Spring 2021. With today’s styling being around loose and baggy, Stan Ray felt the need to bring newness and offer a pant that wasn’t available before. Informed by their archive, they feature similar quality construction with double chain-stitching, flat-felled seams and come in a choice of 100% cotton 11oz sateen or corduroy material.

Fat Pants are a wide and loose fit throughout the leg and have a slight taper from the knee, but still offer a 17.5” hem (on a size 34”) giving plenty of space around the ankle. The front pockets are straight-stitched on, more akin to a pleated trouser style, with the rear pockets buttoned-off to a V-shape. 


Stan Ray Pants Size Guide - Pants 5

Pleated Chino Pant

This is Stan Ray's take on the classic chino pant. Originally designed in the 80s they were inspired by a Japanese customer visiting the Crockett, Texas factory who requested they make a pant similar to ones he was wearing. Stan Ray duly listened and the Pleated Chino was born. 

These pants feature a mid-rise, which means they sit comfortably at the waist (low-rise means saggy), and are constructed in a 300gsm heavy cotton twill, and as ever with Stan Ray, double chain stitched throughout for added durability. 

With twin pleats at the front, they are a loose fit and have a mellow taper down to the ankle hem, which is a 16” opening. Standard chino-style pockets on the front side and welted rear pockets, which means they are set inside the material, not stitched on like regular jean pockets.

Stan Ray Pants Size Guide - Pants 4

Stan Ray Rec Pant

The Rec Pant is a more lightweight offering, different from a lot of Stan Ray trousers on the workwear side which use thicker fabrics. The Rec comes in a cotton poplin material and corduroy version. The big feature is the drawstring waistband, which immediately gives a vibe similar to the Stan Ray Beach Pant. But these aren’t quite full beach attire. Belt loops are also in place, should you want the more traditional closure. 

These pants are sized in the S - XL range of sizing, as opposed to the regular inch size of measurement. This can be initially confusing for pants as we’re so used to the inch way, but to explain, a size small measures up to a regular size 31”, medium 33”, large 35” and finally extra large at 36”. They are a relaxed fit, loose through the thigh and taper to a 15” hem. Featuring frontal side pockets, the same as the Chino Pants, and the rear has an alternating patch pocket (stitched on top) and welt pocket (inside).

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