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The Pablo Ramirez Foundation

Posted by Matt Broadley3 min read
Friday, November 29, 2019

The Pablo Ramirez Foundation was founded in order to celebrate the life of P Spliff, as he was more commonly known to his friends and within skateboarding. The foundation's mission is to help children and young adults find a positive lifestyle through skateboarding, music and art. With the hope of inspiring positivity, confidence, creativity, self-respect and expression as the keys to discovering a loving passion. Similar to the one Pablo had for skating and music. It hopes to spread joy and love leading to a happy life.

Pablo Ramirez was an inspiration to all that he met, from a young age he found joy in skateboarding and playing the drums. But it was during his twenties that his skateboarding really took hold and spread his name around the world. Pablo, alongside the rest of the GX1000 crew recreated the art of bombing the hills of San Francisco.

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Watching Pablo bomb hills was infectious. Never has skateboarding from stand-still been so amazing and thrilling to watch. They brought a new angle to the art, fusing in gnarly tricks before beginning the descent, which is where the real skill and pure fearless attitude kicks in. The world of skateboarding watched this new style in total awe. The speed they hit as they bottom out through an intersection is simply insane, it's skateboarding in it’s most primary form, which is what makes it so damn amazing.

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If you happen to be reading this and don’t know anything about Pablo, or skateboarding for that matter, please look up GX1000 Roll Up on YouTube. You’ll soon spot Pablo and I’m sure you’ll also find yourself amazed by the speed, skill and passion that he brought. Skating hills in the way he did, it was a total search, find and conquer situation. More akin to surfing and finding the perfect wave, it took a seriously trained eye to see the potential in certain hills.

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It was lesser known but Pablo had as much love for music and in particular jazz. He attended top music programs at schools including The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, the New York Jazz Academy and Berkeley Jazz Academy. He performed extensively in both jazz and rock bands, and was a major part of the Brooklyn DIY music scene. He played at many famous venues including the Main Stage at Carnegie Hall and California Jazz Conservatory. Music was an integral part of his daily life and he found solace and spiritual sustenance in the music of jazz greats such as John Coltrane, Max Roach and Art Blakeley.

To help continue Pablo’s legacy and further spread his love and character we’d encourage you to give what you can to the Pablo Ramirez Foundation. Also to approach each day as Pablo did – with positivity, passion and most importantly, with love. The recent GX1000 release includes the Pablo skateboard deck – proceeds from the sales will be donated to his foundation. At Parade, we will also donate any profit from the sales of these decks to the Pablo Ramirez Foundation.

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