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The Vans Breana Geering Interview

The Vans Breana Geering Interview
Posted by Neil Chester6 min read
Friday, May 07, 2021

So kicking this right off, how did you get into skating? 

I found one of my sister’s old boards in the garage and no one was fucking with it, so I took it and started riding it around and thought that this was sick. I was trying to ollie and it was kinda working, and I was like, what the fuck and then I just really into it from there.

Wow, yeah skating is hard to start out, dudes play the video game or watch it on TV and then they go outside and quickly realize it’s hard and you gotta look dumb for at least a year until you can cruise down the street and pop up the sidewalk and just chill on it.

I know dude, it feels so weak compared to what you’re seeing other people do and what you want to do, but you’re just stuck in this box for a couple of years while you figure it out. 

Vans Skateboarding Footwear Breana Geering Collection 03

So you’re in LA right now, what’s been going on there, just skating? 

Yeah, I’m in LA, I’m heading back up to Canada this Friday though. Just here skating for a bit, but I may as well bounce back now. 

So no plans to move to LA and you’re happy in Vancouver?

Nah, never. LA is cool to visit but I don’t fuck with it. 

Just sitting in a car right?!

Ah, the beast is the car and I kinda don’t like being in the middle of skate culture so much. 

Haha, like if you’re out filming and you roll up to a spot and you just get hit with a list of ABD’s straight out the gate?

Yeah dude, and sometimes I don’t want to see a skater today but in LA you’re gonna see a skater!

Vans Skateboarding Footwear Breana Geering Collection 04

How has the last year been for you, I’m guessing it’s been great on one hand with your Vans collection dropping and the Credits video, but lockdown must have had some downsides, guess you’re travelling a bit since you’re in LA right now? 

Yeah, Credits came out right when this shit came down and the lockdown started. I’m here in LA now as it’s easy to come into America from Canada ‘cause it’s right there. But it’s been chill, just been kicking it around the house and skating in Vancouver, around the city, which is nice cause I’m normally travelling so much, so it was good to have a long period of time at home. It’s’ like grounding, you refocus on what is important. 

We did an interview with Gilbert Crockett a while back and he spoke about the importance of clothes and getting them right so you not only feel good but it makes the footage better. Does clothing play an important role for you? And not just from a looking cool fashion aspect, but also the mental confidence they can bring.

Ok, I am kinda weird about clothing, haha. If I’m going out to try and film a good trick that I really want then I’ll wear my favourite t-shirt, but then I’ll stress because I’m wearing the best outfit I can so I have to get the clip, like extra pressure! Haha. I like straight-legged pants, I don’t like the baggy shit and lately, I’m wearing a certain band shirt a bunch, so that I can get a good clip in it, like I need to have a good clip in this shirt! Haha. But it will get in my head when I’m wearing a good outfit, I’ll be like “I have to get a clip today”, then I’ll just stress myself out so hard that I don’t even get the clip! Haha. 

Vans Skateboarding Footwear Breana Geering Collection 01
Vans Skateboarding Footwear Breana Geering Collection 02

It’s so true, your look is kinda your brand, like David Bowie or something, where each album or phase of your career is represented in a different way. You gotta admire someone like Greco, who has gone through similar changes that were different eras of his skating.

Yeah, I like to see people go through their phases of fashion, as it also takes from what people are into I feel. Like they are going through their life phases and you get to watch it. Also, what someone wears in their video part will dictate how much I will like them or not, like if I saw someone skating in swishy pants, I’d turn it off! You know what I mean? But then if they are wearing something that I thought was sick, then I’d be like, “ah what?”, and I’d be more inclined to like their skating. So 100 per cent it’s important!

So what your favorite band shirt, whats is the one you’ve been wearing? 

It’s this one New York Dolls shirt and whenever I’ve worn it I’ve not got a single clip! Haha. So I’m going to put it to rest for a couple of months and bring it back around I guess. 

Vans Skateboarding Footwear Breana Geering Collection 07

Skating is so mad that you have this fashion type stuff on one side, then Olympic Games on the other! Are you a contest person?

No, I don’t like that shit, I’m trying to not even touch it. I did the X-Games once, I was like “whoa, I got invited to the X-Games, fucking sick!” and then I did it and was like, alright I’m good I did it. You know what I mean? And this Olympic shit is so lame, it’s just the biggest bummer right now but you can ignore it and just leave it all on the internet. I actually saw those USA finalist runs that everyone was posting recently at their local parks, like anyone could enter and you post a 45-second run. I kinda got in this wormhole of watching them cause I saw a bunch of kids here in LA doing it, I was like “why are these kids going crazy filming these runs, we’re at a park, just chill out” and then I realized that it was for this, kids just going ham at their park. But yeah the whole Olympic thing, it’s better to just not touch it. 

Would you say skating has been kinda quick to embrace and include other genders, maybe in comparison to other big sports? Don’t get me wrong, we’re not out of the woods yet, but seeing big brands put girls officially on teams and give them product Seems this didn’t happen so much only five or so years ago?

I’ve only been skating for ten years so girls were around then, but I was watching the Girls Skate Network and they weren’t getting shine and they were all really good. I guess it took Leo and Elissa and all those people to be truly getting paid properly. The whole culture in the entire world has become more equality based and now skateboarding is kind of following. 

Vans Skateboarding Footwear Breana Geering Collection 06

I think the big footwear brands have helped push female skateboarding forward quite a lot, Leo and Elissa at Nike, Nora at adidas, Alexis on Cons, yourself and the whole crew at Vans. 

Yeah it has and it’s brought shine, it’s not like this anymore, but for a minute there it was the token girl, like every team had one, like ok we’re doing enough, we have one! Haha. But it did help, people saw it and saw that if this girl is on, then maybe I can get on. Then more were added. 

How did you end up skating for Anti Social and how important is the local store to the community? 

Around my 19th birthday, we were skating this indoor and the owner (Michelle Pezel) threw a box in front of me when I was skating and it had a bunch of Antisocial shit in there and a cake that had the Antisocial cloud logo + Breezy on it. Haha. The local store is the one of the best parts of skate culture, it’s the meetup point with all your friends before you go skate and where you get your first board and watch the best videos. There’s so much community around them, especially at Antisocial, its not just the skate community but Vancouver’s community as a whole as it’s also a flower shop and a music venue. Never stop buying local! 

Vans Skateboarding Footwear Breana Geering Collection 05

Around the Vans collection that you’ve just launched, any influences to the colors and design of the shoes, is it based on anything?

Honestly, not at all! Haha. I just made shoes that I liked and looked cool and I thought other people might like to wear them. Then I added some of my doodles to make them a little more personal to me. For a minute, I was like, what the fuck am I going to do, I could literally do anything but simplicity is always the right route. I just wanted good colorways and I added some snakeskin on the side. I also really like black soles, anything looks good with a black sole, it matches everything. 

So any future plans post this collection?

I’m filming a video for Vans that is coming out in September, that is all that is going on right now, so just skate with my friends when I’m home. I have to do the two-week quarantine when I get back to Canada, so I’ll take a break and get back to skating after that. 

The Vans Breana Geering Skate Old Skool and Skate Era are available now.

All photography by Asato iida

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