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Tiago Lemos Skates Indy MiDs

Posted by Matt Broadley1 min watch
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Parade team rider Tiago Lemos is currently out in Norway, we had wondered how a Brazilian would fare in a country that gets as cold as Norway does. It would, however, seem that the temperature doesn't really bother Tiago much, as this new footage filmed by Pekka demonstrates.

Independent MiD Trucks are built on Independent's famous geometry and feature full-size cushions for maximum turning. The new lower-profile hanger is 52mm tall, a new inverted kingpin offers better clearance when grinding. Their innovative new shaft nut makes for a rigid and durable solution giving better performance when turning.

Indy MiDs are available in 129, 139, 144, 149 and 159 - and are of course guaranteed for life.

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