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Tom Knox's Top 5 Video Parts from his New Balance Teammates

Tom Knox's Top 5 Video Parts from his New Balance TeammatesPhotos: Kasia Bobula
Posted by Tom Knox15 min read
Thursday, May 07, 2020

There’s a lot of talk about a ‘skateboarders skateboarder’ and how a certain skater or certain section talks to other pro skaters more than it does do to a non-pro. So in this vein, we asked New Balance, Isle Skateboards and Dickies pro Tom Knox to give us his favourite five parts from his New Balance teammates.  

Tyler Surrey - Expat Part | Thrasher Magazine

This part is Surrey at his finest, just pure flow. I love watching Surrey skate because he’s got such a big trick selection he can pretty much do anything. I bet he hadn’t done a kickflip front board on a rail in years, but does such a good one in the streets. I wish I could do that, haha.

He’s a pleasure to travel with too. He skates all day and when not he’s not skating he’s always up for a good time, playing quids in, making music and bottle flipping. Hopefully see you soon mate!

Tom Karangelov - String Theory Part | New Balance Numeric

I was really hyped on how this video came out, the boys all smash it! Tom’s part is amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to stay at his place in Long Beach and go skate with him, the man just loves skating. He’s always up for showing you spots, fixing them and looking for new ones. He loves the process and that’s a pleasure to see.

Don’t let the matching outfits to spots distract you from how gnarly this stuff is. I love the fact that he still has big rails in his back pocket, just in case he finds the right spot. Noseslide pole bonk to crook is something else, I wonder how he figured that one out?

Franky Villani - Always On My Mind Part | Primitive Skate

Frankie is annoyingly good at skateboarding. He skates morning till night, slams constantly but just can’t stop. I’ve been on trips with him where he is filming incredible stuff everyday but still a bit bummed he’s not doing more, although he’s usually filmed as much as the whole crew combined. Luckily he’s a very humble, sweet guy so he can get away with it.

I really liked this part of his, it’s a brave move picking such a famous song but I feel it worked with this one. You never know what he’s about to do, because he really can do it all. Love the last trick in this one, that’s my kind of rail.

Jordan Trahan - 5BNY Part | 5Boro NYC

Trahan is the best skateboarder. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see him skate in person it’s unreal. The power he’s got is something else and this part is a glimpse into that. Special mention for the turn around after the last trick, he’s just dancing out there.

His flat ground game is also outrageous, when I’m on a trip with him we always have a few games of skate. Playing him is so inspiring and yet so disheartening at the same time.

Jordan Taylor - WKND Part | WKND Skateboards

WKND make lovely videos and this one especially feels good. The combination of song and the old footage of him as a kid just makes me feel happy.

When can we all skate together again? Soon I hope.

Thanks, Tom.

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