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Welcome to Parade: Tiago Lemos

Posted by Neil Chester2 min read
Friday, August 14, 2020

We are incredibly stoked to announce Tiago Lemos to Parade. Joining Heitor da Silva, Tiago kicks off the beginnings of a Parade team, and as big fans of Tiago, this is something we're hyped to have made happen. Tiago needs very little introduction from us, his skill, pop and general aura on a skateboard is next level and he’s captivated the world of skateboarding during his rise.

With his very first signature shoe, the Tiago 1010, dropping imminently from New Balance, the switch a little while ago to Primitive Skateboards and his heavy rocking of Dime clothing, just being able to add Parade to this list is something we’re pretty hyped on. Alongside his representation of Independent Trucks, Mob Grip and Crupiê Wheels, lets say we’re honoured.

Surely he’ll be in the running for Thrasher Magazines SOTY again this year and with the amount of New Balance content about to drop around his NB1010 release, it certainly won’t do him any harm. All we now need to do is get Tiago on a trip with Heitor and watch the magic happen!

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