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Why So Sad? John Rattray's Mission for Mental Health Awareness

Posted by Matt Broadley2 min read
Wednesday, January 22, 2020

For the past three years John Rattray has been fundraising to help drive work in regards to improving people’s mental health. His latest project, titled Why So Sad?, saw John and friends cycling over one hundred miles in an attempt to find the right spot for a Lance Mountain approved sadplant.

So far John has raised money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health, Grassroots Suicide Prevention and research at John Hopkins University. Now, in partnership with Real Skateboards, he will also be supporting the Ben Raemers Foundation. A foundation which was set up to raise awareness around the tools and skills of mental health first aid, and to help de-stigmatise the subject of mental health and suicide.

"I hope that one day we’ll be able to talk about depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts the same way we talk about a swellbow. I hope that each of us will have the skills to help ourselves and each other through the storm whenever things get rough." John Rattray

As state support for mental health services is often underfunded, and can be hard to attain, it is more important than never to be honest with ourselves and available for our friends and those around us. John’s work is one of many brilliant campaigns raising money around mental health - we hope with greater awareness, education and hard work people's material conditions can be improved - please donate whatever you can afford and support in any way you’re able to.

You can read more about John's mission at thepredatorybird.com.

The following are some useful websites and contact numbers for those need them.


National Crisis Line

Trevor Project




Global list of resources

Information about training in the US can be found on the National Council for Behavioral Health website.

Also at the QPR Institute.

In the UK at SAMH in Scotland.

At Grassroots in England.

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